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I truly believe this will be one of the greatest things you can do for your child! My goal in signing my daughter up for swim lessons was simple: Teach her to swim. One lesson with Mr. Kenn turned out better results than an 8 week group class she had already taken (and didn’t advance because she was afraid to go under water and the instructor was okay with that). Mr. Kenn is not the “let them sit on the sidelines if they are afraid” coach — Thank you for that! Now we have trouble keeping my 5 year old out of the water! However, learning to swim was not the greatest accomplishment. The improved self esteem and the “I can do it” attitude that resulted from Mr. kenn’s classes — priceless!! Jessica C.
My two year just started lessons too — good luck Mr. Kenn :)

Mr. Kenn is a conscientious, knowledgeable, and professional swim instructor. I took my son, Dylan, to him when he was 4 years old and Mr. Kenn had exactly the right approach we needed – the lessons were fun and challenging at the same time. His no-nonsense approach is what my son needed to continue learning and developing his swimming skills. A good friend highly recommended Mr. Kenn to me and after taking my son to him for lessons I have highly recommended him to others.


“We tried to several swimming programs before finding Mr. Kenn. In just a few classes we made more strides than we had in months of other lessons. Kenn has a unique and effective teaching style. He trains children to know that they have the power to swim and save themselves if necessary. Fussy, crying kiddos, no problem, he is a master at distracting them and then giving them choices while in the water so they can maintain a sense of control. Kenn also understands the general nature of children and will help you work through any issues that might arise. Great instructor!!”


I grew more discouraged each year that my young boys (ages 4 and 7) attended group swim lessons through our recreation center. They were not learning how to swim at all. In fact, they were growing more fearful of the water. We all dreaded swim lessons (myself included). I turned to Mr. Kenn in desperation and hoped that he could, somehow, help my boys overcome their fears of the water. After many tears and hard lessons, I’m happy to say that my boys are swimmers! Mr. Kenn had the patience and gift to provide the boys with the opportunity to “face their fears” so that those fears could disappear. They actually began to look forward to swim lessons and now love to swim. I’m so grateful that I’ll be able to take them to the pool this summer without tears or fears (on my behalf and their behalf) in the deep end. My oldest actually told me that he wants to jump off the diving board this summer. Amazing. Nicole

One of my student’s mom made this video of her daughter and another student playing / racing across the hot tub. They’re both 3 years old. To funny… http://vimeo.com/38754034

Kenn is a wonderful teacher of swimming and swimming technique.  He started teaching our daughter,  when she was 3 years old.  Almost immediately he recognized her abilities.  Coupled with his ability to teach each stroke to proficiency, she became adept at each stroke very quickly.  By the time she had barely turned 5, she was ready to swim competitively.  She is now 7 and is excelling competitively, including being ranked in the top 100 nationally for her age in many events.   We have had countless people comment on her technique over the years.  We believe a great deal of that has to do with Mr. Kenn and the time our daughter spent with him.   We would recommend him as a swimming instructor for anyone of any age.


    During the summer of 2009, my daughter took 12 weeks of swimming lessons with Mr. Kenn.  The progress she made was extraordinary.  She started the lessons being very timid and somewhat afraid of the water and by the end of the 12 weeks she was completely comfortable in the water.  She made tremendous progress at front and back floating, diving for objects in the pool, kicking with a kick board, jumping into the water to Kenn, doing an alligator glide and most of all having fun!  She looked forward to going to lessons and working with Mr. Kenn, and as a parent, I was thrilled to sit on the side of the pool and watch my daughter learn something new from him.  Mr. Kenn’s approach to teaching is perfect for my daughter…. he knew exactly when to push her to do something out of her comfort zone and knew when to take things a little slower to help her really get comfortable and learn.  I highly recommend Kenn as a swim instructor!

Mrs.  Schaeberle

    I am writing in regards to Mr. Kenn Schneider, my husband and I are beyond grateful to him.  I told our daughter, now 14 yrs old, that I’d be writing this letter.  We laughed remembering all the teachers she tried before Mr. Kenn.  I honestly thought she would never learn to swim.  By the 3rd grade and the last teacher (before Mr. Kenn) she was doing the monkey crawl around the pool while screaming at the top of her lungs.  It took 30 minutes to get all the way around and that was a successful lesson for the day.  Her baby sister and I sat there.

    I found Kenn while he was teaching 2 boys.  He was very focused and direct, but they trusted him and they could really swim well.  Our daughter needed to swim.

    So, off we went.  I don’t remember much about the first couple of times, except that Kenn has a way with scared kids.  She was probably one of the older really frightened kids he’s had, but, eventually she got to know Mr. Kenn and she can swim circles around me now!  He taught her everything.  She knows how her toes are supposed to be in the water.  She now has asthma and she can actually relax enough in the water and swim a lap with one breath only.  Sadly, she’s moved on to volleyball with no swim team, but, her real talent is swimming.  She won medals on the team especially doing IM’s.  When she left Mr. Kenn (which she only did because someone said she was good enough to be on a swim team) her strokes, kicking, breath, everything was so good that she graduated 2 lanes on the first day of swim team.

    We’ve since talked about it.  I think sometimes the smart kids develop fears, and she is bright.  I asked her to write a paragraph about Kenn.  She said, “Of course.”, and she’s having her Honor’s English teacher proofread it.  So, you’ll get it later.  I didn’t want Kenn to have to wait for this.

    Thanks Mr. Kenn.  I don’t have to worry about having a daughter who can’t swim.  I am a tri-athlete and she swims circles around me.


    I am writing to whom it may concern to let you know that I am extremely disappointed that my daughter no longer is taking swim lessons with Mr. Kenn.  I have twin babies and I jumped through hoops to get to class on time so my daughter would not miss one second of it, because she very much looked forward to her class with Kenn, as well as I did.  The progress she made this summer is incredible and for me, I am awfully busy with 3 kids, it was fun to watch and a little break from my hectic day.  The way Mr. Kenn treats those kids is amazing, he brings out the best of each one of them.  Needless to say, I just pulled my daughter out of swim lessons because I felt I am wasting my time and money and no progress is being made [without Kenn].  Even my daughter asked me to find where Mr. Kenn is working now so we can go to him.

If you need any further reference please feel free to contact me.

Regards, Esther