About Mr. Kenn

Experience -

  •   18 years teaching
    •   12 years teaching swimming
    •   15 years teaching pre-school age children
    •   3 years Driver’s Ed. for teens

- Introduced countless children and adults to swimming.

- Prepared students for competitive swimming.

- Helped people who wanted to swim better with less effort.

- Designed and implemented an introduction to swimming class for parents and babies, then refined the material over five years to create the Parent-Tot Plus Course.

- In all my years of swimming, I was the teacher in the program they sent the children with fear.

Successes (Greater Experiences) -

- Have seen 1 year olds make and hold a back-float.

- Have seen 15 month olds go from the bottom of the pool and then swim themselves back to safety.

- Have seen 5-12 year olds dogpaddle away from me with glee, when they were screaming and clutching me a month previous.

- Have seen every student over 15 months climb out of the pool over a 10 inch gain.

- Have seen students with various levels of autism, down syndrome, and other developmental delays, swim farther and faster than I can.  

- I have never met a child that could not learn to swim.

- Have seen former student’s compete on elite swim teams and several participate in the State Tournaments.

Greatest Experience -

- To have seen the look on mom, dad and grandparent’s faces when the students performed the aforementioned successes.

- To have seen the child’s reaction when I ask them, “Who was holding you up in the water?” or “Who saved you?” and when they come to the answer and say, “I did”. Then I ask, “Who has the power?” and they answer right away, “I do!”

- Classes are so fun because I’m lucky enough to see these things on a daily bases.

Education -

        Attended – Arapahoe Community College

                        University of Colorado at Denver

                        Mile High Red Cross

- Extensive personal research in: early childhood and brain development, comparative learning philosophies, child psychology, communications and language mechanisms, large and small motor development, sensory development, behavioral and cognitive stages, leadership, self-esteem building.

- Group Leader Qualified = According to the standard set by the Colorado State Department of Human Services

Certificates I have held -

American Red Cross – Water Safety Instruction, Advanced First Aid, Advanced Life Saving, Adult, Child & Infant CPR.

Ellis & Associates – Life Guard, Learn to Swim Instructor, Adult, Child and Infant CPR & AED.

      Colorado State Registry of Preschool aged child care providers.

Military -

U.S. Army Reserve – 1989-1993  Honorably Discharged – 11 Bravo, C2, E 4 – Corporal

Company B, 3rd Battalion, 87th Infantry Division, 96th ARCOM, 6th Army. Stationed: Denver Federal Center.

~ I truly believe the profession of teacher chose me. ~   


I appreciate how valuable your time is and will always do my best to make the most of it.